"Don't be too timid + squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment."  - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

What if viewing life as an experiment is your key to liberation? 

What if you kicked judgment to the curb? 

What if love prevailed? 

What if calorie counting + the word "diet" was not part of your vocab?

What if knowledge is power, but only if you truly believe in it?

What if...

Over here I take on life as an experiment and in the name of experimentation we dig (I'm talkin' onion peeling, layer by layer to our most vulnerable selves) and we dance (like nobody is watching, or it's girls night out and we are rockin' in our own band) and we liberate (set free who we truly are, the core, the truth, no apologies). 

Wherever you are struggling, or just want more inspiration - my wish for you is a soft place to land (with perhaps a few bitchslaps along the way), so enjoy the ride, baby.  

I deeply desire to share my journey and all that I learn from throwing myself into the unknown with you because I believe transparancy is beautiful, as well as a fabulous teacher. 

Ya dig? Let's dance.  

Love + more love, 

Keli Conci